A mobile app and marketing campaign that addresses climate change anxiety


This project addresses the Creative Conscience Climate Crisis brief and focuses on the theme of education and learning. A campaign was created that focused on reducing climate change anxiety in young adults through social media and a mobile application.  

This project has been undertaken as climate change worsens, anxiety increases and policies are ignored. The degradation of our environment isn’t a secret to anyone at this point. It’s not a new concept, it’s not a new issue that emerged within the last few years. Climate change has been an ongoing threat for the past 30 years. 45% of insects lost to climate change. 60% of animals have disappeared in the last 50 years.

Since 1988, CO2 emissions have risen by over 40%. We are the first generation to live through climate disruption on a planetary scale. Yet not much change has been done, and we’ve come to a turning point in human history. Human extinction is beyond just an idea, it’s a likely possibility that we are facing. These are just facts, and are a justifiable trigger to the rising anxiety we feel regarding climate change.

We need change on a bigger scale. On a governmental scale.



Create a product and powerful messaging to empower and support positive action in our lives.



To increase awareness and education of climate change policies for young adults to reduce anxiety in Australia.



The POLIMATE campaign addresses climate change anxiety through positive communication mediums and a mobile app.

Problem Statement

A young adult who suffers from climate change anxiety needs to understand Government policies to enable change.

The user does not trust the Governments action to eliminate climate change, creating high levels of uncertainly for any actioned change within the next 10 years. This is a result of their lack of education and understanding in Government policies. It is important to note that the user wants to take actionable change but lacks the confidence to understand what action to take on climate change.


The project reflects research on climate change anxiety, youth voting, and the Australian political climate. We found that the cause of climate change anxiety is due to past, present and future actions by Government:

  • Past: Governmental support of unethical businesses though policies and financial support leading to environment destruction (mining, deforestation, etc)
  • Present: Denial of current climate crisis, lack of action leading to climate anxiety.
  • Future: Elect a government that will take the necessary actions towards climate change.

Youth voting was found to be a right-off by most aged 18-24 due to lack of education and understanding of the political market. This meant that the climate change issues, sustainable activities and information on political parties must be presented in an easily consumable and engaging way.

As such, it was concluded that if the user knew which political parties to vote for because of their knowledge in their climate change efforts, the user is more inclined to partake in voting. In turn this would reduce the users level of climate change anxiety because of they are taking informed decisions in creating change.

Polimate Mobile App UX-UI Maddy Mengel Design


The overall brand aesthetic is young, bold and modern, the colours are encouraging and entice change in the viewer. The chosen typefaces aim to do the same, slightly bold sans-serif for a strong heading and an open spaced body copy to appeal calm.

Using organic and illustrative icons with real-life imagery, the brand provides the young audience with an easy to navigate and empowering platform for information and education. The brands’ symbol is created to express the human element to make connecting with users more real and transparent.

Polimate Mobile App UX-UI Maddy Mengel Design


The result of this project addresses how to reduce climate change anxiety in young adults through the use positive communication. By educating and creating informative conversation of Australian climate change policies, this project increases confidence and knowledge for young adults.

The POLIMATE app is designed to tackle the problem of Climate Change anxiety. The app features information on political issues, actionable activities and a Q&A section to create conversation. 

A marketing campaign was created to compliment and track users to the POLIMATE app. It focused on social media awareness by using a set of positive stickers for Instagram to encourage young people to vote for the planet. In addition, posters were designed for use on small billboards around the city. The Instagram account provides awareness on climate change issues through the posts and stories, whilst encouraging young people to engage in anxiety reducing activities and staying informed on issues.

Polimate Mobile App UX-UI Maddy Mengel Design
Polimate Mobile App UX-UI Maddy Mengel Design
Polimate Mobile App UX-UI Maddy Mengel Design
Polimate Mobile App UX-UI Maddy Mengel Design
Polimate Mobile App UX-UI Maddy Mengel Design
Polimate Mobile App UX-UI Maddy Mengel Design
Polimate Mobile App UX-UI Maddy Mengel Design

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